Oven cleaning can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Most of us have probably at least once faced the dreaded oven cleaning where grease has so perfectly settled all over our oven that it looks impossible to clean it. It can be rather overwhelming to clean a rather dirty oven. I had to face that challenge the other day when I had the landlord coming on inspection and I needed to have the property spotless. I was panicking as I honestly thought that I will have no time at all to clean everywhere especially when the oven alone would take me hours. I rang my mom to tell her about my worries and she calmed me down saying that she knows how to easily do the oven cleaning without wasting hours. Either call an end of tenancy cleaning company or do it yourself using the next steps:


1. Prepare homemade solution

There is no need to use chemicals from the shop in order to clean your oven. A simple baking soda mixed with water will do the trick. Prepare the solution in a spray bottle so it is easily dispensed. Remove all oven racks and spray thoroughly. If you have a lot of tough grease in some areas, make the solution into a paste so it can work better. Do that before you go to bed.

2. Leave overnight

Leave the solution to work its magic overnight while you are getting your beauty sleep. The soda will dissolve all grease buildups and make the oven ready for the final wipe down.

3. Wipe all over

The final part of the oven cleaning is the removing of the baking soda with a solution made by equal parts of vinegar and water. The vinegar in the solution will dissolve any baking soda leftovers and will neutralize smells. The oven is ready to use straight away. Making your own cleaning products will give you the peace of mind that no chemicals will harm you and your family.