The Holy Mountain – Mount Athos, Halkidiki

If you visit the wonderful, magical, beautiful Halkidiki, and you skip the Mount Athos, it’s more than a shame. In fact the visit itself in most of the cases means a sea cruise around the peninsula where you could take a look at the monasteries in the foot of the sublime mountain.


This whole place was inhabited too long ago and the first monastery here dates from the Byzantine era. The whole meaning of this place that makes it so magnificent and impresses you a lot, however, hides in its importance during the Ottoman era. … Read the rest here -->

Istanbul – the west meets the east

You were not passionate about coming here first, but you do not want to leave know – it’s a place you want to come back again and again. Istanbul is not an ordinary city, it’s the megalopolis, home for 14 million people, it’s where Europe meets Asia, where your soul meets a new culture, some sensations that are so unique that are truly real. The first place you visit is the Topkapi palace and you instantly understand everything. The reason why so many cultures and people were fighting for predominance, for getting this place, is so clear now. The view is magical and impressive and combines the whole meaning of this city, its value and importance.… Read the rest here -->